Lazy blogger

I admit, I've been a terrible blogger this past few weeks. Things are just crazy at the minute. Take tonight for instance. Conor woke about an hour after going to bed and when I went into his room I could hear the scraping and flapping sounds of a (another) bird trapped in the cavity wall between his room and the bathroom. It would appear we have starlings nesting somewhere in the eaves of the house and one of them must have fallen. We had a similar experience a few weeks after moving in, although after about 3 days the noises finally slowed down then stopped. One can only imagine what's lying down there now! Anyway, the outcome of tonight's episode was that we had to take Conor to my mum's to stay as no other rooms in the house have curtains and that would have meant getting up at about 4am when Conor would most likely have decided it was time to get up!

Aside from that I've been a busy photographer. Last weekend I went to Liverpool for Michael's cousin's wedding, at which I was also doing photographs. Talk about pressure! It was such a beautiful wedding, but given that I was being watched by everyone and that I knew half of them I felt very nervous. It's a very different experience from babies and families where you know you can always reschedule if things go wrong. Thankfully, my friend Kenny came with me and brought bucketloads of talent and experience to the whole affair and I think we pretty much covered it! I promise to post a few pics in a day or two. For me, though, one of the nicest things was the impromptu newborn session I got to do with the bride's 10 day old nephew the next day! He was just adorable. I'm not at all ashamed to confess that I've proofed a good few of this session despite the hundreds of wedding pics waiting patiently in another folder on my desktop!



His brother was extremely cute too:)


I seriously have a ton of photos to share but bed is calling me, so I shall post those over the next few days. And to those of you I owe a phone call, I admit to being a rubbish friend and shall make amends tomorrow!! PROMISE :)