How much fun is too much?

This time last year Annie Hafermann was just a casual online acquaintance I'd made through the Scrapbook Magazine. Who'd have thought that a year on our families were hanging out in our house and having the most amazing time? Seriously, I'm pretty sure we've made friends for life in this cool family.

Admittedly the whole weekend was a bit chaotic given the building site status of our house approximately 36 hours before the minivan (hehe) arrived and out they spilled. I know if it hadn't been for my mum and dad helping in the house and garden, and Michael's dad cutting the hedges back from jungle-dom we'd have had to ship them out to my sister! But never have a junk room, newly installed kitchen and half plastered living room been so quickly transformed. It makes me sure that all this 60 minute makeover stuff is a load of codswallop!

Anyway, we were so GLAD  that the Hafermman clan were prepared to risk the mess and come to stay. Friday we chilled out with a bbq and wine and our boys bonded with some ridiculous noises and forced laughter over hotdogs. I think they've also made friends for life - so cool to watch. Saturday we headed to our favourite haunt, Mountstewart for a picnic in the glorious sunshine then had a crazy water fight (all Spike's fault!) before taking a walk to the beach. Then the parents had more food and wine and cheered Lee on to be the new Joseph! I cannot believe Annie and Spike had not watched this show before!! So much fun in such a short space of time. It just ended too soon. Next time, you guys need to get a later boat! Or just fly!!

A few observations from the weekend:

1. These 2 are possibly a match made in heaven (if you ignore the dried-on yogurt on Conor's nose!)



2. There really is nowhere nicer for a walk on a sunny day than Mountstewart. Seriously, it feels like a little piece of heaven on earth.


3. Laughter is good for the soul, even when you're only 3 or 4!


4. Never trust a dad when there's a pool filled with water just meters away! It could also be noted that dads are really just little boys looking for their chance to run around like crazy just for fun!




5. A mum with a camera at the ready indicates a) life is a photo opportunity waiting to happen, and b) there's a scrapbook page about to take place!


We really had such a blast this weekend. Thank you guys for making the trip - be sure we're watching Easyjet for those half term flights in October!

In other news, the kitchen is finished and I shall try to get photos on here tomorrow sometime - obviously after I bake some banana bread in a rather Nigella fashion for Patrick's playgroup coffee morning on Friday. There is much I could say about the pain that all the work has been, but I shan't. The kitchen is gorgeous and I'm tired of being cross about things or people telling me I should be cross about things. So there!

Michael is away training with work again this week, so it's just me and the crazy boys! Patrick had his MMR booster today and we went to the paddling pool at Ards Leisure Centre as a special treat after tea. He was so completely brave and didn't even whimper in the doctor's surgery, until he saw the tiniest speck of blood a bit later on. Not loving the blood! Yet another fabulous trait he's inherited from me. And I leave you with the news that things are looking bad for the Little People around here with the arrival of Conor "Gulliver" Boyd!


I am very excited about the possibility of scrapbook pages later this week after the arrival of my wonderful order of stash from Lifetime Moments earlier today. No customs charges for me, Jo and Sheila!!