2 boys and an egg hunt

It's all been a bit crazy around here over Easter. Good crazy, that is. For a start the weather has been fantastic so we've been outside a LOT! This is good because it means less tv, more activity and lots of fresh air. However, this is not good because the garden is a health and safety hazard as far as Conor is concerned - lots of uneven paving and a playhouse with a little wooden ladder (leading only to A&E as far as I can see!) This is not going to be the year of lazing in my sunchair while watching the boys play peacefully! But we've been having fun. The grass is a football pitch, a rugby pitch, a cricket pitch and a golf course all rolled into one. Thankfully we've made friends with our neighbour behind who I think will be tossing a lot of balls back into our garden! She seems jolly lovely:)

Easter Monday was a great day. We went to Nanny and Grandpa's for a BBQ (I may have previously mentioned that my dad is the king of bbqs. See post about Christmas dinner, ie, bbq'd steaks!) Nanny had also painstakingly organised a totally fun egg hunt for Patrick, complete with clues and rhymes! You can tell she was a primary school teacher in her hey day! The egg hunt looked like this:

1. Find clue in paper bag.


2. Reach into bag for next clue and mini egg treats.


3. Stash treats in fab little bucket!


4. Read next clue to find next little bag of Easter loveliness!


5. Stuff face!


Conor also seemed to be having a great time while all this was going on, although what exactly he was up to, or about to be up to, we're not too sure! Definitely trouble of some sort judging by this face!


Finishing up with a VERY cute pic of my little lovelies. Patrick is totally loving Conor at the minute - he better soak it up while the going is good! Playing with my new set of actions from Jinky. Love them but need more time to play with them.