Playing catch up

Most days when I look at friends' blogs and other fab scrap sites I see new layouts everyday. Take my good friend Jo for example. No sooner is she back home from a fab family outing til she has the photos uploaded and a page or two completed! Absolutely brilliant. And Sheila has gone scrap mad! But me, I take pictures galore, leave them on the card til I need it for a session before uploading them. And I am brimming over with inspiration from the hundreds of scrap magazines I read but rarely muster up enough energy to actually create the layouts that are in my head! But this last week or so I have actually managed to do a few layouts that I've been thinking about when I should have been marking coursework or doing chores!!

I love these pictures of Conor playing with his toys uninterrupted by his big brother! He's getting so much better at amusing himself and is amazed by everything he sees these days. I've been a bit inspired by Jamie Waters' layouts in Ali Edwards book. I love how she uses patterned paper.


I'm on a bit of an inspiration kick when it comes to layouts at the minute - see above note about reading magazines! This time doing what I've seen many do, and using a square punch to crop photos and paper. It's a bit busier than my usual stuff but I like it! Obviously scrapping the birthday pictures from last year!


This last one was a bit of an unexpected layout. A few months after Conor was born last year, Patrick began pulling out his hair, right on the top of his head. I came across this picture while looking for the ones in the previous layout and was really taken aback. I had forgotten just how much hair he had pulled out - a patch nearly the size of my hand. I had never intended to scrap this little episode, but when I saw the photo I realised it is an important and noteworthy part of his little life and deserved to be recorded. It certainly was the focus of our lives for a few months and had knock on effects galore. I'm glad I've done this page. Loving my doodles as well! Good to see I'm behind the times as usual with scrap trends, but it's all good, right?