How cute is this?

I've been taking photos this week. Of babies. But not the human sort.


I honestly could have brought one home with me, but common sense prevailed and I left them behind. They were just the cutest things. And I get to go back and take pictures of the one they're keeping. He's the runt of the litter and hasn't been well and was in isolation from the rest when I took these.


I am, however, going to do newborn photos for my friend Jen's sister next week which is very exciting as the baby will be less than a week old. Again, nearly dying with excitement! I LOVE taking newborn pictures - all that scrunched up loveliness and parents just beside themselves with how amazing their tiny bundle is. Yummy all round!

In other yummy news, we spent such a fab morning with our top chums ever, Gareth and Rosie, and Auntie Lesley too, of course! Lots of coffee, cream doughnuts (all part of the Florida plan!) and then lovely lunch at Eden pottery. So great to catch up and spend a bit of time with people we totally love to death:) Wish we could see them more often though. We miss you guys too much!

After lunch, Patrick and I decorated the incredible Easter egg Lesley bought for him. It's a Smarties one that you put face stickers on before you eat it. This is Patrick's doing!


It's like Mr Potato Head, but edible! Love it.


Nestle have done well this Easter!


And yes, Patrick is still bored with the camera!!

Finishing off tonight with a few words we've used on our Easter service invitations.

Death is dead

Love has won

Christ has conquered!!

Have a lovely Easter:)