Busy doing nothing

Sheila phoned me tonight to see if I was ok since I haven't posted on my blog for a week now! That tells me a few things:-

1. I spend too much time on my blog and other people's blogs;

2. Sheila is as bad as me re. blogs!;

3. I must have been busy doing something this week to have had no time to blog but I can't for the life of me think what that might have been;

4. My brain is not functioning to a satisfactory standard!

What I can tell you is that denial worked. At least in regard to the packing! It turns out we won't be moving for another couple of weeks, so it's really a good thing that we hadn't done much packing! Obviously we've made no use whatsoever of the extra time afforded us, and the packing is still as it was a week ago. Still waiting for those packing fairies to come in the night!! In my case the extra time has been put to use finishing layouts and projects that really could wait. But where's the fun in that I ask you?

This is a layout I've had almost finished for weeks, but I ran out of staples and couldn't ever remember to get more when I was shopping (see above # 4!) It's for my album of stuff that just makes me happy and it's dedicated to Fat Face! I totally LOVE that shop and their catalogue! Everything about it makes me happy, from the cut of the jeans to the inside of the waistbands and the cool tags that are attached to everything. The only actual products I used on this were the Bazzill cardstock, a transparency and staples. All the rest is from Fat Face clothes or the catalogue! How cool is that?!


I've also been doing a mini book about the house we're leaving, because we really love it. If we could take it with us that would be great, but since we can't I did what I had to and scrapped it! It's in the almost finished category - will waste more packing time on it tomorrow and post the finished pages when I'm done.

Before I finish here and get into bed with my chocolate to watch a new episode of Lost, just let me tell you something I learned today about kids. It doesn't matter what you try to get them to do, and it doesn't matter what preconceived notions you have of them in your head - they will always surprise you and do what you least expect. This I learned when Patrick announced as I was making tea that he would have salmon and potatoes along with us, and not the standard sausages! He NEVER eats salmon and is adamant about not liking potatoes, but I have proof! Right here - look at his little plate!



See, you really do learn something new everyday!