I'm in denial about so many things right now.

1. That lists don't rule my life. Although I appear to have shot myself in the foot with that one straight off!

2. That tomorrow is Monday and I actually am well enough to go to school - grrrr!

3. That I'm organised enough for tomorrow morning, ie, packed lunch, bags ready for boys to go to mum's etc. It doesn't really matter anyway, because no matter how organised I am, there is a time warp between the front door and my car that eats away a good 12 minutes every morning! Seriously, I check the clock in the kitchen when I leave and it says 7:53 and then I check the clock in the car when I turn the engine on and it says 8:05! Can it really take me that long to get everyone and everything in the car? Or am I operating in two different time zones - one for fixed abodes and one for moving vehicles?

4. That Weight Watchers allows two slices of chocolate orange cake and a large bag of Smarties to help me cope with point number 2.

5. That we are going to have everything packed and ready to move in the next 10 days! If anyone has the number for the packing fairies who come in the night and silently do all the work for you, could you please pass it on!!

6. That this is really a constructive use of my time - obviously it must be, otherwise I'd be getting on with aforementioned packing!

7. That some day I will be able to answer the "So, what do you do?" question with the reply, "I'm a photographer (smile smugly)". Really am in denial about this one. I think it's quite linked to point number 2.

Anyway, enough rambling and on to more fun stuff! I am a craft wonder at the moment - I find it extremely relaxing and happy inducing and it really helps with the denial of point number 5. This weekend I have almost completed a mini book about our house here. I really want to have some proper reminder of this house. It has meant so much to us and we will really miss it. If we could take it with us we would, but our buyers won't allow it! I am totally sad to be leaving it, and Patrick is going to be heartbroken. So a mini book it is. I'll post later this week (obviously when I should be packing!) when it's finished.

But I have also done this:


That's right - a 2 page spread! And with patterned paper as the ENTIRE background! This was such a jump from my comfort zone but I am chuffed to bits with it! Excuse me while I blow my own trumpet for a minute hehe! And are you checking out the 10 photos?? The only thing I don't like is the brown pen, but I can't find my black one for the life of me, so in true Ali Edwards' style, I shall embrace the imperfection and go with the flow! I'm thinking I might just do this no comfort zone thing again sometime. I am dying to find a way to do a boy page with pink paper. Perhaps I can use it as a way to move on with the denial this coming week!