Making me happy

Do you ever have days that are just happy? Today was like that for me. Things just felt good, even the not so good parts. To start with, the weather here was just perfect - seriously hardly a cloud in the sky all day long. Against Patrick's wishes, I took the boys down to Mountstewart for a bit of fresh air after all the bugs and germs that have been kicking around here this past week. We took a ball and a frisbee, had a lovely cappucino/carton of juice and some traybakes (don't tell daddy!) and then played in the gardens for a bit. At one point I honestly felt like I was in a sappy Disney family movie! Patrick was throwing stones into the lake (not directly at the ducks - no need to inform the RSPB!) and the ducks obviously thought it was bread (very stale bread that makes a huge kerplunk noise as it hits the water's surface!) and so they all came swimming towards us. Then the 2 swans actually flew onto the lake together and joined the webbed foot parade to the bank. As if this wasn't Disney enough, right then, a little robin redbreast swooped down to the railing of the jetty where we were standing! It was like something from Mary Poppins, I kid you not! Until the swans got too close for comfort and I feared that hissing they do and promptly led my beautiful Disney children away! I always feel that hissing swans are totally unnecessary!

Amongst other things that are making me happy today are the following:

Conor took his very first steps today - he looked so cute! The first step was almost confident, but the next couple are really just the prelude to the downfall! Off to Shoe-be-doo tomorrow:)

The January issue of Real Simple - just looking at it makes me happy:)


The latest Cath Kidston catalogue - it really speaks for itself, and I fully recommend being added to their mailing list!


And finally this...


...the scene that greeted me after driving home from Mountstewart! Have to love 2 beautiful sleeping boys:) Very happy indeed!

So share - what's making you happy today?