We're in packing hell!

Since we are actually moving at the end of this week we thought we really better start doing some serious packing around here. And it's a nightmare!! Bit by bit we are taking down little bits of our lives and putting them into boxes and then we get to live in the soul-less shell of our home! I feel like we're slowly dismantling Patrick's little world! It's horrible!

You want evidence?? No probs...


It actually doesn't look too bad in this, but that's because I couldn't bring myself to take pictures of the rooms where we're storing the boxes! I even had to pack my lovely stash this week, although not before I made myself some lovely little kits to be getting on with (obviously when I should be packing!) So I've been making myself feel better by making this fab little book about what our house used to look like, and how we want to remember it. It will be terribly boring to put the whole thing in this post, so I'll tempt you with a couple of pages and you can see the rest of it here.





The book is a Maya Road board book. I love them. Everytime I see them online I feel the need to stock up on a few more - very handy little things to have around! I'm also pretty pleased with my digital skills here. As Annie knows, I love to download the digital kits from 2peas but then never use them. So these are some of Rhonna Farrer's photo edges. But the most brilliant bit I did all by myself. I created a digital brush which says 'Home is where the heart is' and then wrote our address in the middle with a little heart! And then I stamped it on every page!! Well done me! I've been pleased as punch ever since, even though it's really hard to see what it says, but I know and that's the main thing!

Anyway, off to watch Lost in our depressingly impersonal lounge now. Not even a scrap of chocolate to make me feel better :( Although I could call Michael and ask him to bring some in on his way home from work.....

Edited for Jo!

Patterned paper is mostly My Mind's Eye Front Porch collection; stickers 7Gypsies; die cuts KI Memories and the rest just bits and pieces from the stash. HTH:)