Pox alert!

Tiny has the dreaded pox. Very poor show indeed. And downright rude of the first offender in Patrick's nursery to feel the need to spread the pain! Patrick had such a mild dose of it that I thought we would hardly notice when Conor got it. WRONG!! It's everywhere. Poor wee munchkin :0( He not happy. It's even in all his wee baby chub creases and covers his scalp. Needless to say mum and dad not happy either, especially as sleep (at night time) is once again a dim and distant memory. Oh well, at least it's done and dusted before they both start school. But I am not happy with my half term being scuppered. All my plans to do fun stuff - such as posting on here and browsing websites that others post on their blogs!- will once again take a back seat to my littl'uns! I see a pattern emerging here! Might there be a lesson to leart about priorites??!! Anyway, he won't thank me for it in years to come, but I think he needs all the sympathy he can get right now, so here's the little pox-ridden lad. Let me hear you all say "Aawwww!"