What's a girl to do...?

So our computer died a few days ago. Well, it's not actually ill, but it's in dire need of a quadruple bypass or something else! Bottom line - it's not working! And it feels like I've had an arm cut off. Clearly I spend way too much time on here and am therefore at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself without it! Michael is convinced I'm having withdrawal symptoms, although, how he's managed to cope without logging on to Property News for 2 days I don't know!

In the interim, I have almost completed a mini book for a friend. I would show pictures but my sister doesn't have a card reader on her printer, so that pretty much means no photos either, boooo! And I can't show you the very cute pictures of Patrick with his pumpkin, or all our little chums at Sheila's Hallowe'en party today. When I'm finally up and running again you'll be bored rigid with photos for a few days.

And that's that. I'm off to check the weather forecast before my Ikea trip with Lesley tomorrow. If the boat is cancelled because of this wind there will be two v unhappy girls with Ikea catalogues and nowhere to go! Here's hoping...!