Life is nicer because...

I'm off for half term. HURRAH!! Lots more time to play with scrapbook goodies, post on my blog and do lovely things with my boys for a whole 11 days.

I have beautiful things to look at and use on a daily basis. As seen below we have

- the bargain £10.80 piece of Laura Ashley blue and white spot pvc for my kitchen table;

- the totally fantastic door stop Jo made for my birthday (way too talented to be at home all day!) and the beautiful Cath Kidston shopper that came with it:) I've always wanted one of those babies, if for no other reason than to hang somewhere I can see it everyday.

- this totally funky bowl that my friend Jen bought me for my birthday. Doesn't it look like it's begging to be filled with actual Dolly Mixtures?


I'm also loving the black grapes that Tesco have in store at the moment. Patrick and I have been known to eat through a whole bowl of them in one sitting.

...sometimes God just gives you a reminder of how amazing the world is. This was my view as I made breakfast yesterday. Totally put me in a good mood and made going to school a whole lot easier.


...I found a new issue of Real Simple magazine in Eason yesterday. It would have been wrong to just leave it on the shelf!


How cool is this? (Admittedly it may only be cool to other like-minded control freaks who love nothing more than a good article about how to organise a room in your house!) This magazine just speaks my language! It's all about storage, organisation and cool time saving ideas. Plus they have the most amazing pages that are just begging to be used as ideas for a scrapbook page! And they have a website that will e-mail me storage and organisation tips! Truly a wonder:) Incidentally, Michael doesn't seem to 'get' it!

...the latest Cath Kidston catalogue. Mmmm! Just looking at the products makes me happy. I'm very easily pleased this weather!

Cath_kidston promotional cards have arrived! How amazing do these look? They were done by a local company called Three Creative Design and were a total bargain. Now all I need to do is get them out there and wait for the phone calls and e-mails! Here's hoping...