Where does the time go?

Seriously, if anyone has seen where my time went could you please let me know so I can go and get it back since I had a lot more to do! I promised myself that I would do 3 layouts this weekend and so far I've only done 1, and it's 22.10 on Sunday night. I'm guessing that's probably my lot!

I say I don't know where my time goes, but I'm pretty sure I saw Patrick and Conor sneaking off with most of it this weekend. The poorly little chicken pox sufferer has been pretty demanding, although after 2 massive tantrums today (which the grandmother will think I have made up!) I'm fairly sure the worst is over. More than likely Conor will get it just in time for my days off this week! That said, I honestly don't know how much more of my time that baby is after, since he now has me up during the night again, clearly aware that during term time it really is the line of least resistance!

Anyway, I did get to do this page about 'Trouble', as we so often refer to Conor these days. He is such a monkey. All cries and tears until you pick him up then nothing but smiles. And he moves so fast already, always towards poor Patrick's things. It's as if he was born knowing that his lot in life was to infuriate others while retaining the ability to melt their hearts at the same time! Sometime during the summer he produced this face. It usually occurs just as you're trying to shovel more Weetabix into his mouth and is accompanied with a sort of huffing down his nose, thereby spreading said Weetabix all over himself and the feeder! These phots caught it perfectly, and they make me laugh every time I look at them. Journalling (scrawled on the rocket paper) says: "We've always said you'd be 'nothing but trouble'! And once you produced this face, we knew our suspicions were spot on! If this isn't trouble I don't know what is!"


I'm having so much fun with my fab Rhonna Farrer frames that I downloaded from 2peas. Totally worth the bargain price of $4! And as always, BasicGrey rocks!