2 out of 3 ain't bad

In the words of the mighty Meat! I've been very bad and not gone to bed when I should and instead did this layout of two of my favourite pictures. The top one is of Patrick lying on me and the bottom one Conor. I remember feeling so totally content when the boys were so tiny that they just lay on my chest and fell asleep, and that time disappears before you've really had time to appreciate it. So this one is for my own little book. In hindsight, I think the photos would have looked better in black and white, but it's done now and I don't really care. This one is for my 'It makes me happy' book, and it does. Make me happy, that is. I'm so far behind with Ann(i)e's challenges I can hardly bear it, but this one is about #10 or 11. The one that unifies 4 papers together with stencilled paint, or in my case stamped paint. Really love how it turned out, even in colour!