Halfway to 70!

This was how Michael wished me happy birthday this morning! The cheek of it! He'll be sorry when I get to retirement age a whole 7 years before him - being older won't seem like such a bad thing then ha ha!! So anyway, happy birthday to me! We were just talking at teatime tonight about how David Cameron could be sure of being elected next year if he made it against the law to have to go to work on your birthday. Bad enough that I had a full teaching day, but I had kids in detention too. Although, since one of them didn't bother turning up I decided to let the other one go early - and jolly well requested formal detention for the reprobate! I felt like it was really my birthday then! The simple things really do make me happy :)

I have set myself the task of listing 35 things that truly make me happy - I think it will do me good to actually think about this, so here goes:

1. Michael

2. 2 gorgeous sons

3. Great parents who never say no (or rarely do anyway!)

4. My lovely sister - see below for a pic, although not her best side!

5. Way above average in-laws! Truly thankful for them given some of the horror stories I hear!

6. Cups of tea

7. Dairy Milk chocolate

8. The first flick through a new magazine - combined with # 6 and 7 = perfection!!

9. My camera

10. Gareth and Rosie

11. Too many other good friends to mention in one go (Leanne, Sheila, Jo, Jan...........it just goes on!)

12. 'Friends' - as in TV show. Doesn't matter how many times you've seen it before!

13. The computer

14. The internet

15. Scrapbooking supplies - can't believe this is only no. 15!

16. Magazine subscriptions

17. Seeing Patrick run into nursery

18. Seeing how pleased he is to see me when I pick him up

19. 2peas

20. E-mails from friends I don't get to see too much

21. Seeing how in love with their babies the mums I have photographed are

22. Wednesday, 3pm!

23. TK Maxx bargains

24. Reading other people's blogs

25. Fat Face

26. Trips to York

27. A whole night's sleep - uninterrupted, of course!

28. Conor's babbling

29. Michael's 'Strictly Come Dancing' dancing - a sight to behold! Even funnier than the moonwalk!

30. Bill Bryson books

31. Visa bills that look payable

32. A glass of red wine on a Friday night

33. Stationery shops

34. Fairy lights

35. Rainy Sunday afternoons in the winter with the fire lit and a good film on tv.

Oh, the list really could go on, but I shall stop there. Have a lovely evening - I'm off to indulge in a few of the above! Obviously it would be wrong not to post some birthday photos, though!!





Sorry Lesley - it was just too funny not to post!