We have no hair

At least, there's a whole lot less on our heads than there was a day ago! I've long been thinking about getting mine cut short again, but I always get a bit deluded somewhere along the line that if I just keep growing it, it will look like Jennifer Aniston's! Alas, in my (almost) middle age wisdom it turns out that it will never be so. (Apparently my post-children midriff will also never look like Jennifer Aniston's!) So I give you the new 'do'.


It's affectionately being referred to as the FatFace cut, inspired by the beautiful girl in the Autumn catalogue. Now all I need is some birthday money to order some chunky jumpers to go with it!  However, not one to be outdone, Michael decided he'd finally do what he's threatened to do for ages now, and took his down to a #1 all over. He is dreading seeing his mum haha! It would be fair to say I'm not overly keen on it, but I do think he looks particularly handsome in this fabulous photo!


Obviously I'm going to have to post a picture of Patrick to make up for the shock some of you may have had looking at these previous two photos! I love this wee man! Look how happy he is - a direct result of having both mummy and daddy at home for two consecutive days. And another reason why I need to get my own business up and running. I leave you with this.