Yikes! It's been ages!

Well I'm not doing too well at keeping you all up to date with us! It's been a busy few weeks with the boys and other things. So, here's a few highlights.

1. Everybody has been sick! All Michael's fault. Stupid cough and cold, but Conor decided to add his own twist to it and had an overnight stay in hospital. Nothing major, but a very high temperature and rash which resulted in a lumbar puncture :-( Anyway, he was fine after a few days, but both the boys are coughing like they're heavy smokers!! So that's nice for all of us!

2. Michael and I went to Paris for a few days. Didn't even feel guilty about leaving the boys behind! Had a great time seeing the sights and getting ripped off for crepes and cokes. Gorgeous weather too. Good fun trying to come up with non-child related topics of conversation - almost missed talking about who had done more poo or how many times Conor had spewed!! Will post pics when I get them uploaded.

3. I've been doing a lot of photography for Liz, my friendly baby yoga instructor. She asked me to take pictures at all her classes (baby massage, yoga, swimming, ante-natal yoga etc) so she can get promotional flyers done. And from that a few mums have asked me to come and take photos of their kids at home.  All very exciting as this is something I'm keen to do more of as part of my 'I don't want to be a teacher anymore' plan! Also had the opportunity to photograph a few friends' babies too, so I've been having fun. Again, I'll post pictures when I get permission from the parents - have to keep myself right. But if anyone reading this knows of anyone in my area (Greater Belfast) who would like photos taken of kids/babies in their own home, just pass my e-mail on to them. I need as much experience as I can get!

Sorry for lack of photos this time round -will get some up by the weekend.