As promised I'm posting a few photos that I took in Paris last week. For once I pretended I'm not obsessed with getting a good picture and just took mum's handy digital so I could relax and actually enjoy the trip without constantly worrying about the photographs! Slightly anal but I usually can't help myself.

Having never been to Paris before I was pretty excited and hoping that it lived up to my expectations. My first view of the city was coming up from the Metro and being faced with the Arc de Triomph right in front of me. Definitely not a disappointment! Our hotel was just a few minutes walk from here so we were well placed for some mooching up the Champs Elysees - clearly not buying anything other than food since that took all our money!

We did pretty much all we wanted to without wrecking ourselves, although we did still manage to walk the legs off ourselves on more than one occasion. Everything looks closer than it actually is! Went to the Louvre (v impressive and super good value - a bit obsessed with getting pictures here but I calmed down afterwards!), went to the top of the Eifel Tower (Michael not altoghether thrilled with the lift ride), took a boat along the Seine, got ripped off for ice cream and crepes (surely part of the whole experience!), and did a bit of shopping. Tried not to feel too guilty about leaving the boys behind, especially since they both had horrendous colds at the time! Had a lovely relaxing time, just the two of us. We must start saving to do this again!




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