Very late birthday pics!

Ok, so I'm a rubbish mum - I took so many pictures of Patrick on his birthday and haven't posted any of them yet. But since he doesn't even know about this site I reckon he won't really care! He had such a fun time at his party - thank you to all who came and brought him fab presents. And also to everyone who sent cards and gifts through the post. We will get on to our thank yous very soon. On Monday, his actual birthday, we took him to the drivng range (after birthday coffee at the garden centre!). Usually he hits some cracking shots but he was rubbish - maybe he was put off by daddy in the next bay shanking nearly every ball he hit! Back at home he made us put the paddling pool up and then stripped off for some splashing! And finally, we had all the family to our house for tea. Much stuffing of faces and blowing out of candles! So far the present highlights of the 3rd birthday have been:

1. The golf bag - he just looks so cute with it on his back!

2. The Wiggles DVD - clearly not loved at all by mum or dad,but it does serve to make Thomas very enjoyable viewing!

3. The paddling pool - thanks to some lovely May weather.

4.The scooter - although I don't think he's likely to do himself any damage on it at the speed he's going!

5. The LeapPad book - at last something relatively quiet he can play with on his own!

6. Michael's old trumpet - whose idea was this anyway?

Here are just a few pics of his day.



(just one of Conor spewing everywhere at the driving range - he was the only one with any accuracy, ie all over me!)






I can't actually believe he's 3 already.

As you can probably tell from picture #2, Conor is doing well too. 15lb 12oz at his last weigh-in on Thursday. Clearly the spewing is having no adverse effects on this boy! And he had his first solids today - not one drop of it went on the bib! I'm guessing he's ready for grub!!