Polka dots and pony tails

The biggest challenge I face on every photo shoot isn't the kids' moods or the parents worrying about getting their offspring to smile. It's the weather. Sure isn't the weather the biggest challenge to life on a daily basis in Northern Ireland?!But blustery wind and freezing drizzle did not deter these two in the slightest! They are quite possibly the most enthusiastic, obliging, camera loving girls I've ever photographed! Personality in bucketloads, which made my job easy peasy. And to top it off, they are just beautiful! Go on, have a peek at our session in the Walled Garden in Bangor.Oh I do not envy their parents in years to come as they deal with the steady stream of boys knocking on their door!!Thank you girls for such a fun shoot! I love that you wanted to do it again another day and take me for coffee! You are total sweethearts and it was my pleasure documenting these memories for you xx