Dear mums

I wanted to let you know that you rock. Really, you do!  Just stop and think about it for a minute.How many birthday parties have you organised, sent invitations to, made party bags for, ferried your kids and their friends to and from, and held back all those thoughts about more Lego and how there is no need for McDonald's Happy Meal toys?How often have you cleaned a nappy that was just so awful you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy? Or wiped noses that just refused to stop producing snot for actual weeks on end?What about the tears and bad dreams you've soothed away in the wee small hours? And the fads you've indulged so your kids wouldn't be the odd ones out in the playground (thank you Bumpeez!)Could you even begin to add up the hours you've spent shopping for food, making food, feeding the food to the kids, wiping the food off the child/table/wall/high chair/yourself? Or could you work out what percentage of your day you spend worrying about your children's anxieties, health, progress or crazy hair?And that's before we even think about the physical toil these small people have taken on our poor, lovely bodies!So I want to say again, you rock! Truly. Nobody else could do for your kids what you have done and keep doing. And even if they don't always show it, I thought I'd remind you. Because my camera has seen it so many times and it never ceases to amaze me! So I give you - mums! I would love nothing more than to capture your amazing mum super powers for you too. You can contact me via the button at the top to book a session or to buy a voucher for a mum you would like to celebrate. These moments should be documented. Mums are worth celebrating. Truth!