I'm posting again today with the lovely Aly, this month on the oh-so-important topic of home. I've been thinking a lot about home recently. I really like it there. Deep down I'm really quite the introvert. I recently confessed to my husband that I still feel totally out of place and uncomfortable in bars, especially the ones frequented by the trendy folk in town. I've never felt like I wear the right thing or have a cool enough hair do. Plus I'm really small and that just never helps in social situations in my experience! So when he asked me where I felt like I did fit in, the answer that fell out without so much as a thought was home.Which in turn led me to think about what I like so much about home and why I feel so good there. It didn't take me long to work out that my home is the one place that truly reflects all of who I am. There is so much of me in the way our home is organised and decorated and I love pretty much all of it. Nothing makes me happier than poring over home design books and magazines and then taking the best of what I've seen and using it to fit our family's needs and tastes. Our house is to me the equivalent of the coolest outfit a girl can throw together (I can't throw an outfit together for love nor money and am incredibly envious of my friends who can!) So I thought I'd share a little of what I love about home with you today.

wedding photo, cricket balls, war plane models and candle holders - I LOVE this combination!

football books and annuals with a permanent audience of minifigures...and a pirate sticker for good measure

this would be my shelf! interior design and craft books and just a smidgin of scrapbook for good measure

I love this view of our lounge with its colours and textures - it's the view that lets me relax and know I'm home when I come in from work.

I'd be pretty surprised to find a fossil in a rock alongside a lantern and a Lego Titanic on anyone else's fireplace - do tell me if I'm wrong!

I bought this for Michael at Christmas - it's his favourite movie and I love that I was clever enough to find something on Pinterest and then buy it! From Canada!

This is obviously just one room in our house, but it's probably the one that we spend the most time in together. It's where I blog, mark homeworks, watch TV, play games with the boys, read magazines and generally just live. It's me, in a nutshell. Cosy, comfortable and mostly organised. On this last note let me assure you that these photos belie the state of disarray in which one would often find this room. Even during a carefully planned photo shoot! The next two photos were taken immediately after all the ones above. They may not be my favourite pictures of the room, but they illustrate perfectly what I love about it most. Our life. Complete with Hot Wheels, empty cups, remote controls, glue and decks of cards!

I'd love to know what you love about your home. I've so enjoyed sharing this little corner of our home that I might share more of the rest of it in the future. I'm off now to read what Aly has written about home - it's a blog hop I would highly recommend!