Scrap happens

My study doesn't really know what't hit it recently. There's been a flurry of scrap activity the likes of which hasn't been seen in many months. Pages are being completed, memories are being safely documented for future generations and supplies are actually being used (leaving unacceptable gaps which must surely be filled with more pretty stuff soon!)Alas, I can't quite get my scanner to connect to the laptop to share what I've made, but I did photograph one little number from today which I completed as part of a challenge on the Basic Grey blog a few days ago. It would be rude not to take part in a challenge that might lead to winning some supplies, would it not?! The challenge was to use just Basic Grey solid papers, and being a big fan of all things BG I thought I'd give it a go.The idea for the page came from the growing number of photos I seem to be taking of my cup of tea alongside whatever I'm reading at the time. There is clearly a theme developing here - one I think should be continued and championed at every occasion. And so was born my 'cup of me time'.I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, especially my fancy dancy tag I invented all by my lonesome, and those pretty butterflies! And scooting around a few scrapbook blogs has really inspired me this past week - I have ideas brewing left, right and centre. Maybe I'll share a bit more of my creating over the next few days. So what's inspiring you right now? Do share - it'd be rude not to!!