December 4th and 5th

Just a few pictures of the past couple of days. It's late, I'm over tired and not at my best at all tonight. But, in accordance with my self-imposed rules, I don't want to fall too far behind in my chronicling of the festive month.December 4th continued the way of previous days, that is, it didn't quite go according to plan. Only one out of two boys made it to the BB carol service thanks to an unexpected high temperature that called for dressing gown and blanket over clothes! Conor, however, did make it and we enjoyed the usual amount of chaos that accompanies all Anchor Boys events, along with some Lego retelling of the Nativity. Love that Lego is officially part of the holidays now!This was also the first day my car asked if I was 'OK' with the cold temperature outside. I love how as soon as it hits 3 degrees or lower it flashes its warning at me. I must then tell it I am indeed 'OK' with it if I want to be able to use any of the other display features! It's how we bond, me and my little Corsa!Yesterday was another day of normal goings on and not much in the festive vibe. I had to take things into my own hands in order to get a few photos, so I took my phone for a night walk between a BB drop off and pick up. Just a quick dander down into Bangor in the freezing cold which I was not ok with at all! My aim was to take a few photos of the town's Christmas decor. It's something I look forward to and bemoan at the same time each year. Every year I am hopeful that someone will take a bit more care in stringing the lights on the tree or that there'll be something new and spectacular that will bring good cheer to all and sundry. And every year the tree looks like someone was forced to string the lights in a manner that shows absolutely no care for aesthetics and the display beneath the tree is enclosed in perspex to protect it against vandals and theives. Oh well, at least there's consistency, and since Christmas is steeped in tradition I can't complain too much about the traditions of the town.Since my walk started at church I thought it only right that I include it in the documentation. I love this building. It feels like home when I am there. And this window is amazing when it's lit from the inside.The stunning tree with its rows of lights! The Santa display is delightfully kitsch, but I am always disappointed that a few years ago the Nativity scene was replaced by Santa and Rudolph. If it wasn't for the darn perspex I'd be tempted to put a baby Jesus in there!The lights have changed a little this year, but thankfully the little train above one of the banks remains true. It will forever remind me of when the boys were really small and loved all things to do with trains. They were always so excited to see these lights.One last thing that has featured greatly in the past few days has been the Third Day Christmas Offerings cd. I love it with a passion. Especially their version of O Holy Night. For me it it sums up what Christmas really means to me - a gift I can never be thankful enough for but for which I will be eternally grateful.If you haven't heard it before it's well worth a listen. In my humble opinion.(look  how easy I've made it for you to listen to !)