December 3rd

I'm beginning to realise that trying to post the day's pictures along with some thoughts on them is tricky. It's leading to a lot of late night blogging, which is eating into valuable Vampire Diaries viewing time, which quite frankly I'm not that happy about! So after this post I think it will make more sense if I post photos and words from the day before which means better reading for you and more vampires for me - hurrah! Everyone's a winner!I notice from the few lines that I've just written that I'm feeling the need to explain myself to you. Why, I have no idea! It smacks of my self-imposed rules on this kind of project - thinks to herself , 'I said I'd do it, but I'm struggling to keep up each day, so I'll change the way I do it, only that's not what I said at the start, so I've broken my own rules blah, blah, blah...!!' I'm my own worst enemy.Anyway, today. Today was busy. It was creative, messy, stressful, fun but ended with mulled wine which is only ever a good thing in my book. And it looked like this.

funky nail polish that comes with a magnet to make cool patterns! Who knew?

the boys made plates for their teachers' Christmas presents (hope they don't read this!). Obviously this could be misconstrued as mummy wanted to go to Eden Pottery again and this was a good excuse to just ooh and aah all over the pretty Christmas pottery. Whatever the motive, it was top notch fun all round. And look how creative and fabulous they've been. Bless! (I'm not saying this is the last you'll see of Eden this side of the 25th!)

I went to visit my dad today after his surgery yesterday. Hospitals aren't in my comfort zone. But dad is doing ok and the ICU staff couldn't be nicer so that's  all good. In order to take my mind off the fact that I was following signs for intensive care I kept on the lookout for things to photograph. Empty hospital corridors make for nice atmospheric photographs, but they haven't done anything to put hospitals within my comfort zone!

More elving. This time it was paper snowflakes. I think we'll have to plant a tree or two after the holidays to make up for the amount of paper we're quite literally tearing through! But for the pure joy that paper circles and a pair of scissors are bringing to our kitchen table I'm happy to do that. We're taking this all very seriously, and I'm bracing myself for the fact that glitter is probably going to feature tomorrow. I've put it off for 3 days now and Conor's will is much stronger than mine!

Tomorrow I'm going to make much more effort with my camera. I had it with me at Eden pottery today, but you can't see the pictures I wanted to take because despite charging the battery, I forgot to replace the CF card! It's surely a sign that my head is too busy. Or just that 40 has finally kicked in!