spring in pictures :: days 6 and 7

I'm lapsing, I know! I'm trying my best to keep up with my promise to myself. I have been taking photos every day, but it turns out that on some days I've just had too much fun and am way too tired at the end of the day to upload and blog them. It's a poor excuse, but true nonetheless. So today I bring you a snapshot of the last couple of days. On Easter Sunday we went to my mum's where she had made an amazing egg hunt for the boys. With rhyming clues no less! There were so many bags of treats that there was hardly any room left in the bucket for the last one. Although we wondered if the last treat was a year's complimentary dental care to make up for the sugar overload!Yesterday I had the most fun photo shoot with the best of friends and their extended family. Photos from that session will be on the blog soon, but after the shoot I was almost past taking any more photos, so the best I can muster up is one from before the session and a couple from my phone. We went to the park at lunch for a while and then retreated home to the garden where we did the same as most of the other days on this Easter break - played Lego, football and Wii. And I may even have fallen asleep on the bench in the sun for a nanosecond! It couldn't be helped, I promise!Do pop back tomorrow and see if I'm staying on course! And there's going to be a giveaway later in the week. Exciting indeed!