spring in pictures :: day 5

I'll admit that these pictures don't really epitomise spring. But they do epitomise what's going on in our house this spring. We're all about Ninjago, the latest creation from the very clever Lego people (it still amazes me that grown ups get paid to devise new things to do with those little bricks!). You may notice in the previous post that the t-shirts we made feature the Lego ninjas. And yesterday the boys got to go to the toy shop with the remainder of their Christmas money and the money they'd been given for Easter to buy a new Ninjago set each. They left the store with 2 of the biggest boxes of Lego you've ever seen and a giant smile each! The next 2 hours looked like this.Frequent readers of my blog will know just how much Lego is a part of our lives - Conor goes everywhere with a mini figure in his hand or pocket, Patrick is all about creating scenes which can be looked at but not touched, and I spend most of my time at home on the hunt for missing hats, swords and other tiny pieces of the stuff. The love is strong, but I'm beginning to think someone needs to talk to the chief Lego men about the box to model ratio. Their carbon footprint is definitely going to be bigger than that of the average Lego man!