One moment in time

A couple of weeks ago I came across a post on lucky number 13 which got me pretty excited. Amy alerted me to an event on the New York Times photojournalism blog Lens which wanted to capture a moment in time across our world. All you had to do was check out what your time was and then take a picture during that minute and upload it to their website. Well, the photogeek in me was beyond excited to have the chance to take part in a worldwide photo event! So I duly found out my time - 4pm - primed the camera and waited patiently. In the time that I waited I planned many fancy dancy photos which would show my photographic prowess to the world at large - stunning portraits of the boys, or close ups of bluebells in the hedge. Perhaps I could walk down to the beach and shoot a perfect landscape. The possibilities were endless in my mind. But the reality was this - it was a Sunday afternoon and there is a football net in our garden. The only shot I was ever going to have the opportunity to get was going to involve both a ball and a net. And 2 giddy boys! This is the best of what I got during that minute of time.

IMG_1364 copy

I love it so much more than any of the shots I had planned in my head. And just now I checked out the virtual globe of photos (tens of thousands that were uploaded!) and found my shot right here! The photogeek in me is nearly bursting with excitement over the whole project. You should check it out if you have a few moments (or a lot of moments because you'll be going nowhere for hours once you start!). So amazing to see what's going on in thousands of lives all over the world at exactly the same moment. I love photos. And the internet rocks!

Incidentally, the bluebells in the hedge did get a brief look in!