2557 days

That's how many days it's been since Patrick was born (well 2558 if we're being picky since his birthday was yesterday). When I look at the number like that it seems impossible that that's the number of days I've been a mum. You'd think with that amount of time I'd feel a bit more of a pro at it than I do, but that's not really where this post is heading so let's move on! What it really amounts to is 7 years. 7 years during which he has grown from a tiny baby into an amazing boy who lives his life to the full and makes us so proud in so many different ways. I could easily ramble on for pages about his humour, his ability to make any type of clothing look cool, his love of music, his absolute belief that God is in charge, his clever little mind, his cheeky smile and contagious laugh, his squeezy hugs, his sensitivity and so on but you've probably got the picture by now.

He was ecstatic that this year his birthday fell on a Saturday so he was able to have his party on his actual birthday. He's all about football at the minute so a football party it was. 16 small boys on an indoor 5-a-side pitch followed by hotdogs and cake at home. Lots of noise, a bit of squabbling (hand ball was a bit of an issue!) a lot of rubbishy food and presents galore. Our boy was in birthday heaven! Please note in the collage below the birthday cake which I baked and decorated with my own 2 hands in a very Jane Asher fashion. So much effort for something which was literally decimated in a matter of minutes!


I don't think I need to add anything to the pictures except to add - for the purpose of any international readers - that he's sporting the new Liverpool kit with the name of his favourite player, Torres, on the back. We are now hoping and praying that Liverpool don't sell him over the summer or we're scuppered!

As I was planning the party I started thinking about all the fads and crazes that Patrick has gone through over the past few years. He's always really into something and it's pretty obvious to those of us who live with him or spend any amount of time with him. It prompted a layout featuring some of his most obsessive crazes.

The latest craze

I'm so pleased with how this turned out, and with my cunning use of the new Star Wars paper I recently added to my stash. It's funny looking back at how the things lying around the house have changed over the years.

So after all the party preparation and the birthday celebrations yesterday I am well and truly exhausted and I can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow! I am planning a whole lot of nothing this week, apart from maybe some blog hopping and magazine browsing. What will you be up to?