Loving right now...

:: the return of my Christmas spirit. It had been missing in action for a while - turns out school mocks and reports were holding it to ransom and wouldn't release it until I had finished them all.

:: how amazing my Christmas sprinkles look in the fabulous Jamie kilner jars. I would have posted a photo of the cupcakes I put them on but we had them eaten before the camera could be taken out of its bag!


:: how excited the boys are every morning when they open the advent calendar. I opted for a traditional one with no chocolate, much to the disappointment of Michael who thought I was spoiling their fun! They have been taking it in turns to open it and are more excited about a tiny picture than they have ever been over a tiny piece of mass produced chocolate!

:: singing in our church Christmas chorus. It's not that I'm much of a singer, but I LOVE the Christmas carols, and when I found out they were going to be singing O Holy Night and Cliff's version of Little Town I knew I had to do it!


:: the magical glow of candles and fairy lights on the tree. Impossible not to love it.

:: that I only have 4 and a half actual days in school until the holidays. I'm in denial that these days even exist! 

:: pretending to be making stuff with a friend, while in reality we oohed and aahhed over our lovely supplies while we watched Kirstie Allsop make beautiful things on tv and looked online at other fabulous craft projects! A more fun evening I cannot even begin to imagine.


:: finally getting round to finishing the project that didn't happen on that night and hanging it in our house. I am totally in love with it and have already recreated another. It won't be the last!!


So what are you loving right now?