So officially today is the day we can start counting down to Christmas. A thought which simultaneously fills me with excitement and dread - excitement at all the traditions and fun we get to enjoy and dread at the already overflowing December calender. I'm thinking a new bottle of Bach's Rescue Remedy might be the very thing to see me through when it all gets too much! Realistically it's going to be that or more mulled wine than would be good for one who is supposed to be in charge of small people! However, someone in our house has been getting ready for the festive season for a few weeks now. The Lego Christmas scene has been a work in progress for a while, changing from day to day depending on what the characters are up to. In this particular scene we have someone warming themselves by the fire and another watching TV on the settee - just in case you were finding it hard to work out what exactly was going on!


November hasn't really been the most exciting of months - obviously excepting the release of that film I hinted at below, but I fear that I will lose what little blog readership I have if I rant on too long about how great it was and how much I love Edward Cullen etc! What was exciting, however, was the arrival of a package which looked first like this...


....and then like this.....


....and finally like this.....


It really was like Christmas come early! A very unexpected (and unnecessary!) gift from family who clearly know me all too well! Needless to say Michael was absolutely thrilled about the arrival of another bag into the house, especially of the Cath Kidston variety!

The only other real excitement we've had around here this month was Patrick's first outing for his mini rugby team yesterday. He was so excited about playing that we all traipsed to Ballyclare at 10am to watch him in the freezing cold! The team operated a rolling substitution policy to let all the boys play, but even with that they were trounced 16-1 (that's 16 mini trys to 1!!) But he didn't care in the slightest, he was just delighted to get on the pitch in his kit!


I had a definite sense of what the majority of my weekends may look like for the next 14 years or so - me freezing my butt off on a sideline while the boys get as many items of clothing as possible covered in mud! Magic!! Again I'm thinking a combination of Rescue Remedy and mulled wine is the ideal solution to get me through!