Our summer so far...

Once again I'm conscious of not having filled you in on our daily goings on for the last 4 weeks, and I make no apology for it this time! It has been a deliberate decision to simply get on with the living and enjoy the holidays and stress less about uploading it. Not that we've been up to anything dreadfully exciting. No, no, no, it's been a rather slow month, lots of pottering about, catching up with friends and family, hanging out at home. The good stuff. Not always worthy of blogging! But just so you don't feel left out, let me bring you the July highlights.

:: face painting almost daily for the first week. Favouring the pirate and...


:: the soldier! Love his creative streak. One of the few positives he got from me!


:: making this guitar from the recycling box. It has lasted remarkably well and is the preferred choice of the Green Day, Muse and Kasabian fan thus far!


:: dipping tiny toes in the baltic waters of Groomsport beach. I can just remember the sunny days of that first week....*sigh*


:: painting of any variety. Including painting one's hands blue! Have to love the pvc tablecloths!


:: shouting to hear the echo at Spruce Meadows Activity Farm. It really is the simplest things they enjoy the most.


:: hanging out with friends at Castle Espie. Can you tell Conor is just desperate to be one of the bigger boys?


:: sharing in our good friend Heather's birthday celebrations. Singalong Mama Mia at a private cinema in full Abba gear followed by the most amazing food spread and Abba Sing Star! Finding it hard to think of a more fun night or a time in the past few years when I have laughed more. Shocking also to think that there are girls out there who have bought these playsuits from H&M for real!!


:: catching up with the Bolands. So much fun watching our boys build real friendships. Love you guys!


:: braving the brisk wind for a paddle in the pool at Groomsport. This one would stay in the water until he was as blue as the paint in the pool!


:: creating with Jo in my favourite Eden Pottery. Obviously preceded by cinnamon scones and coffee!


:: scrap night with Jo and Sheila. More chatting and scoffing rubbish than layouts, but it's all part of the process! The xbox Lips was also super fun, but us holding microphones and singing our hearts out doesn't make for the best photos!


How August will live up to all of this I can only imagine!