Has anyone seen my inspiration?

I would hate to be one to grumble given that I've just embarked on 7 weeks of pure, unplanned, blissful, mostly warm and dry thus far summer holiday, but I'm feeling at a bit of a loss for inspiration. I plan to blame on this on the gigantic list of things I want to do which are being hampered by the longest bathroom makeover in the history of home improvement. The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team would be shaking their heads in despair - I am confident we could even pop the permanent bubble of enthusiasm of Ty Pennington with our lack of progress!! Anyway, there is stuff everywhere, dust everywhere, gaping plaster everywhere and it is sapping my creative spirit.

That said, there have been plenty of moments where I have been removed from the mess into the real world, and it has been most lovely at times. Sometimes even quite exciting. Like Friday week ago when we had 5 fire engines, a few fire cars, some rescue jeeps and a clatter of police cars on our street after an accident at the water pumping station close to our house. Conor couldn't believe how close the fire engines were, and nothing would do but we had to take a closer look. Pretty close to perfection for a 3 year old with a serious love of vehicles and big wheels! And I was counting myself lucky to live across the road from school as I watched countless parents struggle to drag their toddlers past the excitement after the school drop off while we watched on from our driveway!




We have also not been unappreciative of the spell of good weather this past few weeks (and are living in hope that it's coming back properly very soon!) We've never had the paddling pool up this long since Conor was born, and living by the sea hasn't really been the summer dream I had in my head this past 2 summers. But this year we have made the most of it, because you just never know when it's going to leave. So we've walked to the beach for frisbee, shells, paddling and the ice cream van. And even ventured to the tropics of Groomsport with some friends after school for some wave jumping with light sabres. Because, you know, light sabres add that extra dimension to any activity which is fun in its own right!


I have even made it to the bright lights of Belfast for a night out with friends from work to celebrate our 7 weeks of not living by the bell in 30 minute intervals. I left the big camera behind and settled for the point and shoot, which I have to say caught some pretty cool shots. Almost artistic now that I look at them - perhaps my creativity has been lurking in that camera all this time!



That's the Belfast Eye by the City Hall for those of you who may not live in the province! Not quite the same spectacular views as its cousin, the London Eye but impressive nonetheless.

I am determined to do some making tomorrow, even if I have to work around a plasterer and a tiler. I shall also be working on a couple of exciting photo sessions from last week, including a wedding - photos to follow later this week. For now I am off for my nightly dose of CSI NY and a slab of Dairy Milk. I am sure my creativity will be all the better for it!