Cheeks that beg to be kissed!

The baby that was tucked up inside my beautiful friend in this post made it out into the world last Friday, and, as his mum will verify, he was worth the wait! I got to photograph him yesterday at the marvellous age of one whole week and I had to force myself to leave without stealing him. There are likely to be many more shots of this little blessing in coming months!


IMG_5260 bw 

IMG_5278 bw 


IMG_5302 bw 

Isn't he a dreamboat?!

In other news, the wrist warmers I've been knitting for the best part of 3 months are finally finished, but as I completely forgot to photograph them today you will have to wait a few more days to see them. I am very impressed at my handiwork, if I do say so myself. Mother will be proud (although best not show her the seams - something to work on for next time!) And with that I am off for a square of chocoloate. Or 2.