Sorry, did you say monster truck?

It would be fair to say that the words 'monster truck' pretty much summed up the tiny one's birthday! Let me walk you through the day.


The first present opened - 2 monster trucks!


Just making sure you believe me!


And in action in the monster truck arena - or stadium as Conor likes to call it. Who knew you could have so much fun with monster trucks? Although, in my opinion, the Hot Wheels organisation have a lot of work to do on the parent/ear-friendly aspects of their products!


I cannot believe how cute Patrick's card for Conor was. He made it himself with a picture from the new Cbeebies show Chuggington which is already a firm favourite in our house. One to keep, I think.


This was the 'fun' blowing out the candles - apparently we now have the same aversion to candles as we do to the fire, hence the hands over the ears. It's a self-protection mechanism!


Although once the candles were out he was more than happy to eat the Smarties off the top! The icing is a delightful teal blue which is what you get when you put blue food colouring into butter cream, Who knew!


And would you believe it, but the most fun of the day came from a bouncing balloon which I put into the party bags (Patrick insisted!) from the party bag stash! I must remember there are more of those next time we're bored!


The fabulous sister took this photo of the 4 of us, although we could do nothing to put a smile on Patrick's face. It seems his smile goes in the same box as the Wii! And that was pretty much our day. Good old fashioned fun with family!