So how was your 2008?

Ours looked like this....

The year in photos 

Looking at the highlights like this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! It's an interesting thing to do, look back at 100's of photos from a year and narrow it down to 2 for each month. It seems I only remember the good parts and the fun we had. I know if I looked back through the archives from this blog for the past year I could probably find plenty of things that irritated or angered me, but that's not what has stuck in my memory. Now if only I could carry that piece of knowledge with me during the tantrums and traumas of the incoming year, how sweet life would be!

Christmas came and went in a flurry of wrapping paper, Star Wars, monster trucks, food, mulled wine, family and good friends. I have a ton of photos and may post some later this week, but I may not! I have had the loveliest week of just spending time at home with my family and catching up with friends who were home for the holidays, and the lack of pressure has been a blessing. All too soon a new term will begin, routines will pick up and the daily patter of life will go back to its pre-festive pace, but until then I am allowing myself the pleasure of not having to do anything unless it is necessary or thoroughly enjoyable.

The one other thing I do want to do today is share my 'one little word' for 2009. I went with simplify in 2008 and enjoyed trying to pare life down and focus on the things that are important. I am pretty sure that with the news full of stories about the credit crunch and impending recession that keeping things simple will continue to be part of what we do in the new year. But for me, my word for 2009 is CREATE. It turns out I am in absolute heaven when I am creating something, whether it's a photo montage, scrapbook page, anything Nigella, my long-suffering wrist warmers or doing a jigsaw (don't ask - I think there may be an addiction I have hitherto been unaware of!). And so I am going to make creating a priority for this year. I've also been thinking that there is much else to be created. One might create order, create a new look, create an atmosphere of calm, create the illusion of being the mum I wish I was, or, indeed, create merry hell! I think it could be fun. I am toying with the idea of having a creative angle every couple of week that you might want to play along with, or just observe, but I am wary of setting myself goals that are unrealistic. Think 365 - a photo a day challenge from last year! And with that I shall leave you to get on with a bit more creating myself while Michael indulges his video game addiction at his sister's house for the evening! And with a special Jonathan Creek on BBC1 in just over half an hour, I shall create a little bit of bliss for just me:)