It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Apologies for lack of blogging, although if you're anything like me, you'll have been too busy so far this Christmas to even be checking the blogs out! Things really do get crazy at this time of year, no matter what my initial plans for chilling out and just enjoying the season were. But no matter, let me regale you with photos and tales of December so far.

It was girls' night at my house a couple of weeks ago, along with crazy secret Santa fun. Now given that this is meant to be a group of Christian girls meeting for some food, lots of laughs and some encouragement in any area of our lives which need it, I'm not sure that anyone who happened upon the secret Santa would have guessed that! There was opening, oohing and aaahing, stealing, goading, shock, realisation that those we hold dear in our hearts are in fact greedy, rough and altogether selfish! Haven't laughed as much in ages. And I totally stole back the fab red string bag I bought as my gift in Avoca! Ha!!



Patrick and I had a fun afternoon writing his letter to Santa. It is amazing how much his writing has come on since the start of this term. He is obsessed with writing and spelling words. So much fun to watch. He loved writing his letter, starting with the obligatory thank yous for last year's presents, just like mummy had to do, and asking for two things and a surprise. Just like mummy! I can remember so clearly sitting at the bureau in our lounge writing my letters to Santa, following the same pattern every year, and it makes me wonder if the boys will remember the traditions we create.


There have been parcels in the post. A couple of weeks ago I received this one from Japan - I ordered it from etsy, and I have to say, rarely have I received such a cool parcel! It came so beautifully wrapped, with some cute little snowman paper bags as well. And check out the Japanese text on the front. I can't say too much more about it, but it won't end up looking like this!


There has obviously been the buying, arranging and decorating of the tree and house in general. We've opted for a real tree this year, and I absolutely love it! It is the perfect shape and size and smells just gorgeous. I'm sure I'll be cursing it in another couple of weeks as I sweep the needles up on a frequent basis, but for now, it's perfect. Patrick was allowed to stay up specially to help with the decorations - he was so pleased!



Yesterday we had a gorgeous morning at our favourite Mountstewart, complete with Santa and woodland trail around the lake. The boys were excited to see Santa, and the setting was perfect. A jolly, friendly Santa in a grand living room beside a giant tree and with a smiling helpful elf. Patrick was on his best behaviour, answering all Santa's questions carefully and taking it all in (even the elastic string on Santa's beard as he later told us it wasn't the real Santa because he wouldn't have a string on his beard! No flies on that boy!) Conor was slightly more interested in the train set under the tree which had some Thomas trains - he hasn't been well and wasn't buying the experience at all! But we got some nice photos, enjoyed a stress-free Santa visit and came away with 2 presents. Both of which we already own! Not the ending we had hoped for and it necessitated an unscheduled trip to Smyth's toy store later in the day, but let's not mention that! The nicest part for me was the trail around the lake afterwards and the obligatory coffee and bun in the coffee shop.






And that about sums it up so far. Last night saw our first bout of croup for Patrick this winter - it came out of nothing and makes such a frightening noise for little people. Conor we thought had a tummy bug, but after a late visit to the doctor this evening, it transpires he has tonsilitis. Poor pet. Looks like an exciting winter of fun coming up! But only 2 more days of school for me, so it's all good:)