Making me happy

I realise it's been over a week since I last posted but the new simpler me isn't worried about that. Instead I am inspired by soule mama to list 10 things that are making me happy right now.

1. This week was a short one at school. Always good to look on the bright side of the negatives!

2. Patrick's room, the one that will have bunk beds for sharing (!), has been painted and is having carpet fitted on Monday.

3. Ikea is really close to our house!

4. Michael has no idea that I have a stack of stuff from aforementioned Ikea that I intend to drill holes for tomorrow while he is at work haha! (Working on the principle that it's better to show him what I mean than tell him so he can disgree with me. This way he will have to fill holes if he disagrees with me!)

5. Watching Transformers today after Patrick got home from school with a sneaky packet of Smarties each. The list of things Michael knows nothing about is getting longer!

6 This collage I made for Michael following the weekend creative prompt from Ali Edwards.


7. The tv show 'Extras'. Just started watching it with Michael and laughed so hard at things that really aren't funny at all!

8. How great Conor's chat is now. Still hard to make him out sometimes but oh so cute!

9. I have completed 2 more scrapbook pages this week. New scanner being installed tomorrow so you will have to wait to see them.

10. This photo of my friends J & A with the delightful baby C:)


And to top it all, sickness has left the building. Thank you, and goodnight x