We just don't seem to be able to shake illness this winter. Shunning the germs was part of the simplify plan, but it seems the germs don't care! So the simplest thing to do was just to lie low and get through it. Patrick has had a cold/cough/tummy bug and missed nearly a week of school. I've had a bit of the bug and missed 2 days of work (boo hoo!!). And Michael was hurt at work and has been off for a couple of weeks. Talk about one thing after another. Patrick went back to school today, but so far this evening has been punctuated with wails and trippy noses from Conor. It was bound to happen eventually!

Other than sickness, life has looked a bit like this the past few weeks:

1.I've been pretty busy with photo shoots the past few weeks, even managing 2 in the drizzle.




2. Star Wars has taken over our lives! All 6 episodes. And as a result, my knowledge of each episode is really rather amazing for a 36 year old! Look, there's even a tiny Lego Anakin Skywalker on the new unit!


3. The Ikea storage is finally here. Obviously it merits an entire post of its own, but for now a quick pic will have to suffice!



It truly is a thing of beauty!

4. Scrapbooking has happened! I know, some thought it never would again, but I love it. Just don't get enough time for it. But sickness has its upsides - lots of naps and lying around watching cbeebies. Perfect for mummy to do her thing for a bit.




Feeling rather proud of my creative achievements. Really loving the sense of satisfaction of cutting and sticking and pushing things round on the page and then ending up with a memory saved. I have much other rambling to share, but I shall leave that for another night. Back to work tomorrow, so I shall make a cup of tea and get me to bed.