Happy Mother's Day

Alas, no pictures again, but I've called at my parents' house to get a Mother's Day internet fix (I hate Orange!!) and thought I'd share a few funny things with you. One of my presents today was a hilarious little book entitled "Behind Every Great Woman is Her Bum". Clearly Michael was prepared to dice with death giving me something with this title for my special day! Anyway, it's a collection of funny little drawings with v amusing 'quotes' from imaginary children, and a few of them really made me laugh. So I thought I'd share.

1. I know it's a bit late, but thank you for all that lovely breastmilk! It was really delicious!  (Wouldn't you love to hear that some day? Do you think it would eradicate the memories of mastitis, cracked nipples and leaky boobs??)

2. I don't know what it's like now, but back then my mum's womb was SUPER COOL! (Ha ha!)

3. In cave times, mums' bodies were made to protect the cave while the dad was out hunting mammoths, and to eat chocolate. Now that the mammoths are extinct, it is totally within a mum's rights to eat chocolate all the time! (Justification if ever I heard it!)

My other presents included the new cd by The Fray, which I'm v excited to listen to, some delicious truffles from M&S, and imaginary vouchers from 2peas. This really means that I've come to my parents' house to spend money from the joint account on scrapbook stash! So I know you'll excuse me while I abandon this post and get on with that pressing matter!

Hope you've had a great Mother's Day x