I know you won't believe this

But we have no internet access! Now you're thinking, hey, how come I've ended up in the archive section of Janine's blog where she rambles on and on in a kind of relentless fashion about the lack of internet access? I know that's how I feel. Obviously we've moved and are currently waiting for Orange to get off their backsides and connect us again. It's like Groundhog Day! And I really am not going to get into a ranting session about how pathetic it all is, but I miss you guys!! I thought I better put something above the very cute baby picture - some people were telling me that despite his total cuteness, they were getting a little tired of him (I won't tell his mum!) So this is really just a quick post to say we're alive and well, albeit that one of us has a slight crack in his head after a nasty fall last week! Hopefully we'll have some sort of access soon, but this time round I've decided that it's less painful to check only once every few days rather than every 15 minutes. That way I stand a better chance of retaining some sanity and my kids are less likely to ask "What does s*#* mean?"