Define fun...


Spend two days with a crazy, funny, gorgeous, creative, open, warmhearted girl (aka Annie Hafermann) and her equally amazing family. Add to that your camera, some great food, courtesy of the lovely Candace next door, a few glasses of wine and a shocking amount of photo shoots of the beautiful and perfect baby Addie. This seriously is how I'm defining fun today!

When Annie and her family invited me to spend a few days with them to photograph baby Addie I jumped at the chance. Little did I know what an impact this new friendship was about to have on my life. It really isn't everyone who would invite a teacher/wannabe photographer from Northern Ireland to stay with them without ever having met them before, and that's what makes this family so special. They could NOT have made me any more welcome. Who says blogs are a waste of time??

So Janine, what where the highlights of your visit?

1. Just meeting these folks! It's quite possible Annie and I are actually estranged twins (ok, so I'm way shorter and she has better hair!), but for never having actually met in person, it felt like we'd always known each other. So totally cool!

2. Getting to take photographs all the time. I think my camera may need serviced after this!

3. 2 nights of beautiful, uninterrupted sleep!

4. Seeing that in the grand scheme of things, my stash does NOT take over the whole study!

5. The crochet hat shots ha ha ha!!!

6. Sucking someone else in to the wonder of Fat Face online shopping. Spike must love me for that!

7. Coming home to my fab boys:)

Thank you lovely Hafermanns for making me so welcome and for letting me snap a little of your gorgeous family just being who you are. Miss you xx


(One of the better shots of me and said wonderful Annie - thanks Spike! Will post the rest anon!)