A whole 1 today

It's the little lad's birthday today :) I can hardly believe how quickly this past year has gone. I've spent all day today thinking "This time last year...." and hating that I had to be in school with the nasty teenagers. Thought about phoning in sick and having a fun day with Conor but couldn't bring myself to do it. What a chicken! Anyway, due to being at work today we had a family party for him on Saturday - see pics below. He was totally oblivious, but Patrick loved it, especially the cake! The candle was blown out about 4 times! We hadn't too many presents - it seems such a waste when he'll play with all Patrick's toys, but Patrick did choose some little aeroplanes I think he rather fancied for himself! And daddy chose a fab red fire engine with LOTS of noises! So everyone was happy. And of course I baked the obligatory cake, complete with pink icing (Patrick's choice) and sprinkles. Can't wait to watch him grow more this year.




Do they look like trouble in years to come or what?!!


Michael will kill me for putting this in! Or he would if he ever logged on here to see it! But I thought I better prove we exist as a family! Right, off for an episode of the West Wing and then to finish packing for my very exciting trip to Annie's tomorrow. Am positively giddy at the prospect!