Why is it...

that whenever I become sick, so does at least one of the boys and Michael is on night shift? A question I had plenty of time to ponder in the small hours of Friday and Saturday night as I snuffled my way into Conor's room to change yet another nappy, vest, babygro, sheet and blankets (the joys of the tummy bug).

Obviously I am still waiting for my new modem, although I am assured it will be here before the weekend, hurrah! So once again I am at my sister's uploading photos from my last few sessions and generally getting my online fix. And as a special treat I can post a few photos for you:) These are from various sessions over the past few weeks. All a joy to photograph, and a couple of parents were indeed in shock that their little darling(s) didn't play up for the camera and seemed to have quite a lot of fun too! All good for me and my budding career (although now that we're all sale agreed and moving in Feb I doubt that I'll be giving up teaching any time soon!)