It's getting beyond a joke!

I confess, I've deliberately been avoiding posting on my blog for the past couple of weeks because I knew all I would do would be moan about my lack of internet connection. But I've held off long enough and now I really want to moan about lack of said internet connection! Allegedly we'll be up and running in a week or so, but I don't believe anyone anymore! Until I see it with my own eyes the very idea is up there with the miracles!

Anyway, how has everyone been? Obviously I know Sheila is barely talking to me because of my poor show in the blogging world! She is probably about to strike me off her Christmas card list! And the lovely Ann(i)e has been sending me positive vibes to help with the stress - thank you :) The rest of you I have no idea about. Bizzarely, last night I met a friend of a friend who said she recognised me straight away from my blog! I nearly died laughing :D Could it be that there are people out there reading my ramblings and not stopping off at the comments section to say hi? If that's you, just click on the comments line at the bottom of this post and leave me a wee hello. Really, it will totally make my day! I'm that sad!

So anyway, we had fun in York with Rosie and Gareth. Love those two. It's just the nicest place to be - in a friend's house in a cool city, shopping, chilling out (as best you can with 2 tinies in tow!) an drinking fine wine. Such a great weekend. The boys were absolute angels to fly with. Patrick was so excited about the airport and the aeroplane. He wanted to hold my hand tightly when we were sitting on the runway, but when the plane speeded up for take off he said "I don't need you to hold my hand anymore." Now what's a mummy to do with a phrase like that? Cry? Wonder what purpose you have left in life? Or accept that at 3 1/2 your little man is already gaining independence and doesn't actually need you for everything anymore? Obviously until he wants another Percy Pig, which you have stashed in your bag, at which point you become the most needed commodity in his little life again!

We went to the National Railway Museum while we were in York - another totally exciting day. And again I was amazed by how brilliant something like trains, which ordinarily bore me to tears, can be when accompanied by the tiny one. Very cool indeed.

I really don't want to bore you to tears with the whole trip. Suffice to say we had fun and Fat Face cleaned my current account out! But I decided it was worth it for some quality items that make me feel good and which are even in my pre-pregnancy size! (Fat Face obviously do not use the same size guides as Top Shop!) So hurrah for all that.

Amongst other news, we have our house up for sale (don't even ask), I'm very busy with photographs, I have lost my gorgeous Pilgrim earrings and necklace, and I think my marbles in general are on their way to being lost! It's all slightly crazy, but seriously, it's all good :)