I'm totally mortified!

It was all a bit of a "worst nightmare" scenario. There I am, Janine Boyd, photographer, armed with camera, spare batteries and even some bubbles to help attract little one's attention for the perfect shot. Had a cup of coffee, chatted with mum and dad, took a few test shots........and then my memory card died:o(  And I mean it totally died. Wouldn't let me take any more. Stupid gadgets. This was the 3rd attempt to actually photograph this little girl (who was too cute by far, not that I have any photos to prove it!) and now I've had to reschedule again. I felt like such an idiot, but they were very gracious and understanding.

These, however, are from a shoot I did a few weeks ago for a really lovely family. Their little girls were beautiful to photograph and I'm pretty pleased with these. Do enjoy while I go off to order some spare memory cards!