Two become four

Teeth, that is, not children haha! Conor finally decided, after about 2 months of dribbling and paying no attention whatsoever to my cunning plan to get him to sleep through the night, that it was high time the top two teeth made their appearance in his mouth! Thank the Lord! He has been hard work this past week or so, off his food and milk and generally not his usual smiley self. So that's 4 down, 18 or so to go. I can hardly wait for the molars!

Anyway, check me out with my super fast scrapping today. I did these 2 layouts for Annie's challenges # 6 and 7. I'm now officially only 3 behind and am feeling altogether chuffed with myself. This one was a challenge to use triangles of patterned paper and some stitching. In a bid to make life easier (and hence more enjoyable) I used rub on stitches. These are some of the first pictures I took with my camera and I love the warmth of the colours and the glow the fairy lights cast.


This next layout is an 8x8 for a book I'm doing just for me. It's simply going to be a place for me to record the things that make me happy. I'm sure the boys will be interested in it someday!! The challenge was to use 7 different patterned papers to create a background.


I love that I got both of these done so quickly. I'm sure it's because of the challenges. They're also making me be a bit more spontaneous with my choice of papers and not worry so much about the placement of photos or embellishments. Instead I'm just doing what I feel like doing and hoping for the best. And who cares if you can see the odd glue mark or the rub on stitches aren't quite in a straight line?

This idea of making life easier and more enjoyable has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe since I'm back at work and have a lot more to cram into my days and less time at home to do the things I really want to. I bought a great magazine today, a US one called Real Simple. It's based on the premise that life should be lived and not done. That we should spend more time just being and not doing. I like the sound of that. So today I spent a lot of time on the floor with Conor and did some puzzles with Patrick. And the white wash is still lying upstairs waiting to be done. But guess what? The world didn't stop turning and I have a few more moments to treasure when the boys are both at school and I can't do those things with them anymore.

Go on. I dare you to leave a chore undone tomorrow and just do something nice instead! Or don't even do anything! Let me know how you get on.

And before I go, please stop by my friend Sheila's new blog and say hi! She's a hoot and I love that she's been totally sucked into the world of scrapping and blogging!