This is how I feel. Not because I am unwell. Nor indeed because of the 4.45am start Conor has favoured the past few mornings. I think it's because I don't like the teacher version of me! She's really not a lot of fun to be around. In fact, today she made two different classes go back outside her classroom and practise coming back in properly! She's a right old targe! I hate this swapping in and out of roles when I'm at work, teacher Janine one minute and then mummy Janine and occasionally just Janine. Sorry for droning on about this. I promise I shall be cheerier for my next post.

On a totally different note and not at all blaaaaghhhh, Patrick started nursery school last Thursday and he seems to be loving it so far. He's only been going for an hour a day but he doesn't mind being left and really seems to look forward to it each morning. Long may it continue:) He is so ready for this, for mixing with other kids and trying new things. Just venturing out of his comfort zone for a bit. And I haven't cried once (although just today I was lamenting the fact that he's not even a toddler anymore, and I honestly can't remember his baby days very clearly at all. Next thing he'll be coming home engaged and I'll have to find a hat to fit my tiny pea head!)

I'm leaving you with just one picture from a session I did on Saturday for an old colleague's son's first birthday party. Check out how huge his eyes are! His mum needs to start worrying now!!