Real life takes over

It's a real disappointment when the bubble of your fantasy life is mercilessly shattered by the sharp edges of your real life, which is exactly what happened this week. School started on Tuesday and I really wasn't that excited to be back. All summer I've been pretending I'm a photographer, and then I realised that I'm really a teacher! Boooooo!!! Anyway, it's made me all the more determined to do something about it, so here's one of my favourite shots of my last few shoots. She is the daughter of my friend Nadia and is so gorgeous. Wasn't a bit interested in having her picture taken, just wanted to colour in and play with her doll!


Cannot wait to photograph their new baby when he/she makes an appearance in a few weeks! There are more from this shoot in the galleries at the side if you fancy a peek.

Oh go on then, I'll post one more!


And obviously since reality has hit me I've fallen way behind on the scrapbook challenges, but I will get to them. I'm promising myself!