that we actually did brave the North Coast in the blustery, cloudy weather that seems to be summer! That's right, folks, we went to Barry's, where Patrick showed sypmtoms of early addiction to the 10p falls, and where the most exciting ride we could entice him onto was this fire engine!



I think this photo is also the only evidence that we took Conor with us and didn't just leave him to fend for himself at home! Poor wee man. He pretty much slept most of the day - not impressed with his first outing to Portrush.

And proof that we are in fact insane! Drivning onto Portstewart Strand, building sandcastles and paddling in the Atlantic! How could we not take Patrick to the beach?! It was the highlight of his day, and I must say, once your feet went numb, the sea wasn't too bad at all!!




I hope this is enough of a fix for a day or two, Nanny & Grandpa :)